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Fall for Summer

Late Summer Shortcake

Handmade Aerobic Lammas ‘00’ Levain Flour


Reactivity = Flavor = Nutrition

Professional bakers tell us—and our own trials confirm—that Handmade Aerobic Lammas ‘00’ Flour, when mixed with water and combined with time, produces a natural levain more active and robust than others of its kind. Use this starter in combination with any Anson Mills flour to create bread recipes that perform beautifully and bake with remarkable flavor and patina. 

Farina di Pizzaiolo ‘00’ Crema i Semolina

Natural Levain Pita

Natural levain adds depth and dimension to pita made with Ancient Emmer Semolina and Farina di Pizzaiolo ‘00’ Crema i Semolina.

New Crop Austrian Dried Green Peas

Austrian Green Pea Hummus

This classic new crop European winter pea can easily be seduced into a next-gen hummus so good it will blow the lid off any dried bean or pea hummus on the planet.

Antebellum Benne Seed

Tahini Sauce

Low-oil African benne seeds, toasted or raw, make the best tahini sauce.

Antebellum Benne Seed


Harissa takes a spin with Aleppo pepper, fennel, coriander, a touch of ginger, and toasted ground benne seeds.

Farina di Farro Grano Arso


In ancient Sicily, farro di grano arso was gleaned from the ground when the fields were burned after harvest. Pounded to fine granules, it might be added to za’atar as a way to extend the spice. We love this addition, whose smoky notes round and compound the blend’s herbs, spices, and seeds.

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