The Anson Mills Ethic

Anson Mills is proud to provide America’s finest chefs with fresh native stone-ground organic ingredients milled from new crop heirloom grains, legumes, and oil seeds. We cold-mill all ingredients to order, immediately chill vac-pac them, and ship them the same day for maximum flavor retention. We also produce custom-milled and hand-finished products for chefs who wish to employ these ingredients in historic and contemporary dishes.

Wholesale Services, Questions, and Information

Anson Mills accepts orders online and by phone, text, or e-mail seven days a week. We also provide recipe scale-up and development services. Chefs with ingredient inquiries (including those not found in our wholesale product listing) should contact Anson Mills partner Catherine Schopfer at 919-225-4032, or e-mail us at

Anson Mills Production Schedule

We mill on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays. (We farm the rest of the week.) We observe the following order cutoffs:


The shipping calculator on our site incorrectly tabulates multiple box charges (above 67 pounds). Anson Mills would like to assure our online wholesale clients that we will manually adjust your shipping charges and confirm your final charges by e-mail before milling your order.